Systemic constellations are a powerful way to gain insights into the roots of a specific issue. They help create a ‘living map’ of what you’ve been sensing regarding your issue, giving you the opportunity to observe the imbalances or the decisions made that have been holding you back. This new understanding will allow you to make the necessary corrections and find new possibilities for moving forward.

What should I expect during a workshop?

The day consists of a series of constellations in which you can be asked to participate according to the needs of the work. The workshop will be carried out in groups with a special focus on privacy and confidentiality. All participants must be willing to explore what is needed for things to change in their desired direction and take responsibility for their own process. It is also necessary to be willing to support others on their journey.

If you choose to be an issue-holder, Ioana will invite you to briefly present your issue. Together you will navigate through a short conversation which will reveal essential facts from your history and other relevant factors. Then Ioana will ask you to choose other participants to represent these key elements and set them up to illustrate how you view the situation. This creates a ‘living map’ of your issue, a picture of what you’ve been feeling, which will reveal hidden dynamics essential to cause a shift in your perspective. Ioana will assist you at every step step in gaining a deeper understanding of these dynamics and finding ways for achieving the best possible resolution.

If you choose to come as a representative, you will witness and participate in the constellations of the issue-holders. Ioana will never ask you to act, only to genuinely report on your somatic sensations, thoughts and feelings. If this will be your first time attending, you do not have to worry about having no previous experience. People find that representing comes naturally to them without having to force it in any way.

What are my options for participating in a workshop?

  • Issue-holder—If you wish to set up your own systemic constellation, you need to come as an issue-holder and you can address a wide range of issues. Throughout the workshop you may also be asked to represent. In addition, Ioana offers by-proxy work for children under 14 years of age on the condition that one of the parents is the issue-holder. Ioana can also work by-proxy with the relatives of people who cannot attend the workshop due to severe medical conditions. In this case, previous consent is required.
  • Representative—If you are a newcomer who wishes to explore the benefits of doing systemic constellations, this option may help ease you into the method, although being an issue-holder could be also appropriate. It is also ideal if you are familiar with the work and wish to gain a deeper understanding of life but do not have a pressing issue of your own.

Both representatives and issue-holders will be given profound insights and opportunities to move forward towards their goals.