Ever feel at odds with yourself, your actions unwittingly sabotaging your desires?

Are your behavior patterns preventing you from living your life to its full potential?

Would you like to explore a medical condition from a different perspective?

Are you at a crossroad in your life and cannot decide what is best for you?

Change your life using your gut-feeling

Systemic constellations are a short-term solution-focused method that can bring into your conscious awareness something essential that was previously missed. This newly acquired perspective of yourself or a situation is often enough to uncover new possibilities for moving forward, whether through action or newfound acceptance.

Feeling stuck in a situation or vicious cycle usually signifies a subversive contradiction between your conscious desires and the unconscious drive behind your actions. Through systemic work you can develop a much deeper and honest communication with yourself and with other people. It requires a certain inner capacity and a willingness to explore an issue from different angles without holding on to your old perspective. By surrendering the sedimented judgement of the critical mind you will also regain a healthier connection to your true instincts. It is an exercise in truly seeing and experiencing a situation afresh.

Although it is not life-coaching per se, this method enables people to have a much more empowered approach to life and to connect to their gut feeling, their inner knowing.

Ioana’s specific approach

With a background in training and strategic communication, Ioana’s approach to systemic work is highly educational. She believes that the happiest people are autonomous, powerful and whole. Therefore, whenever she works, Ioana tries to give her clients as many opportunities to learn and grow as possible, as well as tools that support them on their individual journey.