Living life to its full potential requires the use of tools and resources adapted to the situations you are experiencing. There is no point in beating a nail with a feather! In a world as complex as ours, family upbringing and academic education cannot be expected to equip you for the way your needs evolve throughout your life.

That is why Ioana chooses to make systemic tools available to as many people as possible in the hope that they will be used to align each person with the natural flow of their life. She strongly believes that being in the flow means being fully supported by everything life has to offer.

Ioana is constantly developing short-term educational programs based on her client’s needs and the specific needs of the communities she is invited into. She is currently co-developing a transformational webinar series based on the blended resources of the Human Design System and the Family Constellations Knowing Field.

If you would like to gain more insight on a specific theme or feel you would be interested in a specific training that is not currently posted on this page, please contact Ioana  and pitch her your idea. She is constantly looking to understand her clients' needs and find ways to deliver quality trainings  to support them in dealing with their life struggles. 

For more details on current and past training opportunities please see below.


Current Training Opportunities


New training opportunities coming soon.


Past Trainings

Webinar: A 3 STEP METHOD to Transform Your Life: Belonging and Sacrifice

Place: Online
Date: 18 December 2019
Time: 18:30 CET (09:30 PST)

A transformational 2-hour Human Design and Family Constellations webinar on belonging, the sacrifices we make in order to have a place and new possibilities of connecting with others. A 3 STEP METHOD meant to ignite the journey from unconscious decisions of sacrifice to unlocking one’s available resources and full potential in the world. A beginning.

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Become your own facilitator of systemic change!

Place: Rin Grand Hotel – Bucharest, RO
Date: 30 November 2016
Time: 10.00 PM – 18.00 PM

In an ideal world every person should have the skills to facilitate the change that they need in their lives, the change that will bring them one step closer to their happiness. So what prevents us from creating an ideal world? I say… nothing! Let’s practice together facilitating those transformations by using simple and straight forward systemic tools. And then, well, it’s going to be up to you!


  • “Extremely practical! Just what I needed”
  • “So I really can do it!”
  • “I can’t believe how powerful this method is!”
  • “I am glad to be able to become more autonomous”

Being in alignment with the space we’re in and the systems we belong to. A journey from the tribes of the world to your very sacred living room

Place: DOOR Conference – Bucharest, RO
Date: 4 March 2016
Time: 19.00 PM – 21.00 PM

Did you ever use the wisdom of your body to test your relationship to the space outside and everything in it? To test if something is right for you or not so much? Yes, it can be that easy! No other tools required, no exterior knowledge, just the will to feel what aligns with who you are and what doesn’t. I invite you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you experience who you are in the relationship with your environment and what influences you and how. It’s meant to boost your awareness of the world around you and to give you the tools to make decisions that benefit your ideal life path.


  • “Wow! I never expected to have all those sensations in my body!”
  • “Whenever Ioana has another event she can count on me to be there!”
  • “This was so unexpected. It helped me connect to parts of me that I didn’t know existed”
  • “I have worked with Ioana for a long time. I just knew that this seminar will help me tremendously. Now I know why!”

Motivational Speaking. I am a hero, and this is my journey!

Place: Leadership Academy – University of Aberdeen, UK
Date: Thursday, 20 November 2014
Time: 4.00 PM – 6.30 PM

  • What does it take to be able to move your audience?
  • What part of you needs to come to the surface and meet the other?
  • How well do you need to know yourself?
  • How well do you need to know them?

These are all questions that we will explore together to give you an experience of what it truly takes to become a motivational speaker, not only on stage, but in your day to day life. Bring your emotions with you and a bit of courage!


  • “emotionally challenging but worth it”
  • “Best workshop I’ve been to”
  • “Workshop changed my perception on what motivational speaking means”
  • “It was difficult not just to be honest with a stranger, but honest to yourself”
  • “Interesting experience”
  • “Fantastic to learn how to relate to the audience better”
  • “Ioana was great!”