Ioana is currently supporting people all over the world through online sessions.

One-to-one constellations are a powerful form of short-term systemic work. They are designed to deliver important insights and enable you to move towards your goals. During the session, Ioana will support you in seeing something essential about your issue which you have missed, therefor bridging the knowing in your heart with that in your mind. This process may turn out to be life-changing. One-to-one sessions are ideal if you feel that you need total privacy to address your issue or it would be more beneficial to you to have constant support from Ioana for a longer period.

What should I expect during a session?

Ioana will start each session with a targeted conversation during which you will explore your issue from different angles and clarify your goals for the session. She will carefully consider all the elements which may be involved in your issue, such as events from your past, significant family events, important times in your country’s history, the culture of the organization you work for etc. In other words, she will gather as many relevant facts as possible leaving aside any previous interpretations.

This will provide the information needed to set up a ‘living map’ of your issue, also known as a systemic constellation. By creating this ‘living map’, you will be able to see the actual picture of what you’ve been feeling. During this process relevant hidden dynamics become visible, allowing you to get to the root of your issue. Through a series of short mental, emotional and somatic exercises, Ioana will guide you to shift your perspective and find possibilities for moving forward.

What are my options for one-to-one systemic work?

Ioana is currently available for online sessions in Romanian and English. Each session is about two hours long and costs 150 USD.

In some situations, one session is enough, while in other situations more work is needed to reach a resolution. Please let Ioana know if you would have difficulty paying the full fee.

To book a session, please use the contact form.