Ioana is a systemic change consultant, trainer and transformational speaker. She helps people take a deeper look at their lives in order to better align themselves with their natural flow. Her work focuses on identifying the veiled personal obstacles preventing more joyful living and unlocking of one’s full potential in the world. Think of it as “life coaching” on a gut-based level.

Ioana is dedicated to empowering and teaching people how to listen and be guided by their inner knowing, thus living happier and more balanced lives. In 2014 she even gave a TEDx talk on systemic conditioning and self-deconditioning named “From God to Apple” where she advocated for people becoming their true selves and taking their power back from the ‘Gods’ - corporations, governments and cultures.

After more than a decade of professional accomplishments in working with political leaders, companies and large communities on a nationwide scale, Ioana is a well-rounded consultant who combines her life experience, scientific approach and direct contact with diverse cultures around the world to support people in taking those extra steps towards manifesting their true desires.

Higher Education

  • MA in Communication and Public Relations (National School of Political and Administrative Studies, RO)
  • MA in Security Studies (Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, RO)

Select Certificates

  • Vibration New Plane (US)
  • Foundation Training in Systemic and Family Constellations (UK)
  • Applied Training in Systemic and Family Constellations (UK)
  • Working with Trauma (UK)
  • Working With The 5 Realms: Somatic, Personal, Systemic, Archetypal, Source (UK)
  • Regression Therapy: Inner Child Healing, Current and Past Lives, Body Therapy, Trauma Work (UK)
  • Dealing with Spiritual Emergency (UK)
  • Basic Hypnotherapy (UK)